TheSolanDAO is now live!

Status: Airdrop 2 Completed.


Strengthening the Solana ecosystem, one project at a time.

Airdrop for the Solana NFT community and active members of the SOL ecosystem.


Airdrop 2.0

The SolanDAO announced the $SDO Airdrop 2.0 in January 2023: To provide exclusive
rewards for active SOL NFT & Token HODLers.

Category 1 (Top NFT Projects)

Top NFT Project HODLers will get $SDO Airdrop.

  1. SMB (Solana Monkey Business)
  2. DeGods
  3. Okay Bears
  4. ABC - Abracadabra
  5. Famous Fox Federation
  6. Immortals
  7. Busy Boars
  8. & more!

Category 2 (Top Social Tokens)

Active HODLers of Tokens will get the $SDO Airdrop:

  1. $DUST
  2. $SHDW
  3. $SLND
  4. $BONK
  5. $CHEEMS
  6. $FRONK
  7. $SAMO
  8. $WOOF & more!

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Web3 is Inevitable. Solana is Unstoppable.

Art and memes are going to finish the job that Bitcoin started.

NFTs and Social tokens are the democratization of asset creation.

'Social tokens' are the entry key to a community and, at the same time, a financial instrument tracking the perceived value of that community.

We thank the NFT creators, collectors, and all other market participants for supporting the Solana ecosystem and staying strong during this winter. $SDO Token airdrop is our tribute to active SOL NFT HOLDers and community members.

$SDO Token Distribution

  • 50% Airdrop to top SOL NFT HODLers and active community.
  • 20% TheSolanDAO.
  • 10% AMM and Liquidity Management.
  • 10% Early Contributors.
  • 05% Marketing & Communications
  • 05% Staking Rewards

20% of $SDO token is allocated to TheSolanDAO

  1. Support artists and NFT communities.
  2. Provide Developer Grants.
  3. Create an ecosystem of tools around $SDO.

The total and max supply for $SDO is 69.420 billion.

Airdrop 2.0 to SOL NFT HODLers and Token HODLers.

NFT HODLers of top SOL projects and active community members will receive the airdrop on the 14Jan2023 and will get to participate in TheSolanDAO in the future.

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What is TheSolanDAO($SDO)?

TheSolanDAO is a Community First DAO and Token on the Solana Network.


  1. Make investments, build credible Web3 projects/infrastructure and strengthen the community.
  2. Help $SDO become the default loyalty token for the Solana Ecosystem.
  3. Acquire and invest in various on-chain and off-chain assets to maximize community treasury value.
  4. Support emerging artists and NFT communities.
  5. Provide Developer Grants to teams and individuals building for the Solana Ecosystem.
  6. Partner and support projects in the Solana ecosystem.
  7. Create an ecosystem of products with $SDO at its core.


"Any society with a blockchain-enabled internet will be decades ahead of one without." @naval

Web-3 is a push update to Capitalism 2.0.

The Future is Bright. Solana is the Future.