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The Biggest Rewards Airdrop EVER!

Airdrop starts 01Jan2022


For the Solana NFT community, and active members of the SOL ecosystem.



Step 1

Connect your wallet

Step 2

Estimate your reward

NFT Rewards: 0 $SDO

SOL Community Reward: 0 $SDO

Total $SDO reward: 0 $SDO

Step 3

Initiate your $SDO Claim

The last date to claim your $SDO is 31May2022.

(*the rewards are allocated basis NFT holdings and transactions as of 31Mar2022)


Web3 is pretty unstoppable at this point.
Art and memes are going to finish the job that Bitcoin started.

NFTs and Social tokens are the democratization of asset creation.

We believe in NFT creators, collectors, and all other market participants for taking the leap to the Solana ecosystem. $SDO airdrop is our tribute to active SOL NFT holders and community members.

$SDO Token Distribution

  • 50% Airdrop to top SOL NFT holders and active community.
  • 25% TheSolanDAO.
  • 5% AMM and Liquidity Management.
  • 10% Core Contributors & Team
  • 10% SOL Community Grants

The total and max supply for $SDO is 69.420 billion.


25% of $SDO token is allocated to TheSolanDAO

  1. Compensate verified victims of scams.
  2. Support emerging artists and NFT communities.
  3. Developer Grants.

Airdrop to SOL NFT holders and active community.

NFT holders of top SOL projects and active community can claim and hold their SDO coins and participate in the SolanDAO in the future.

pie chart


TheSolanDAO is an Investment and Community First DAO on the Solana network.

TheSolanDAO will:

  1. Make investments, build credible Web3 projects/infrastructure and strengthen the community.
  2. Acquire and invest in various on-chain and off-chain assets to maximize community treasury value .
  3. Support emerging artists and NFT communities.
  4. Provide Developer Grants to teams and individuals building for the Solana Ecosystem.
  5. Compensate verified victims of scams.
  6. Partner and support projects in the Solana ecosystem to reward and benefit $SDO Holders[Perks of the DAO].

* This project is not affiliated with Solana Foundation or Solana Labs